Machine Quilting Infomation

Price List

Basting                                                        $.005 per square inch

For hand quilting or so that you can complete the quilt yourself.  Done on a grid 4 to 6 inches apart with disolving thread.

Edge to Edge or Pantographs                       $.015 - $.05 per square inch

Continous design covering the entire quilt.  Prices vary by design

Semi Custom                                                $.03 per square inch

Edge to edge design in center of quilt with separate border design.

Custom                                                         $.035 per square inch and up

Individual designs in blocks, trapunto, stitch in the ditch, feathers, ruler work, outlining. 

Binding                                                          $.10 per linear inch

Prepare binding and machine sew to front of quilt (binding fabric must be included.) If binding is already prepared and just needs to be added to the front of the quilt pricing will be adjusted ( $.05 per linear inch)

Hand sewing binding to back                         $.15 per linear inch

Whip stitching binding to back of quilt by hand.

Grooming, Pressing, Special treatments         $15.00 per hour (1 hour minimum)

Repairs, open seams, piecing backs, trimming threads, squaring backs

Minimum Charge                                           $40.00

For each item loaded on machine, includes thread charge.

Thread Charge                        $5.00 per item loaded (includes 2 changes)

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