Saturday, September 28, 2013


It has officially became Fall.......I do love this season, but alas she is not my favorite.  But each season holds a special place in my heart, Spring for the crocous blooms and things popping up the the gardens, Summer for the warm lazy days to paddle my kayak, Fall for the turning of the leaves, And Winter for the blankets of snow, cuddling under quilts and snow shoeing.

This Fall also shows both my step-son and husband and the weight that has fallen off of both of them.
I am so proud of both of them!!!

David (step-son)

 My husband Greg

Fall also becomes a busy quilting season,  Here are the quilts from last week.

Now that Monsters is done, we can't leave Taylor's baby sister we began piecing her a top with animals with shoes.  The top is now complete and will wait in line for a empty space in the quilt line (hopefully I won't wait so long to get this one to her)

We had a wonderful group of women helping with the raffle baskets this week for the Souhegan Valley Quilt Show

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's beginning to look like show season

It's beginning to look like the start up of quilt show season.  Last weekend was the Squanicook Quilt Guild Show.  One October 4 & 5th is Souhegan Valley Quilters Guild Show.  This is one of "MY" Guilds.  MoNsters will be making it's premier showing here.  I will be take pictures and taking raffle tickets for the baskets that MANY wonderful donations have been given for.  Please see the list and support this people.

I had intented to go to the Squanicook Show on Saturday but got ask to go for a ride to Vermont with one of my Soul Sisters.  We stumble over to the Bennington Quiltfest. And were just a tad chilled with the temps being at under 60 degrees.  I ended up with these cut buttons for my sewing sisters. 

This is a few of my favorite Quilt...It was right inside the cafeteria

On the way ambling home we stopped and I got my Hubby some salad claws

I have to admit that last week I did not get a stitch of quilting done due to the fact that I ran away to visit my Grandchildren in North Carolina

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Off the machine

3 day weekends are awesome........And a soft rain on a Monday is a great excuse to quilt
so here are the recent ones done between Labor Day and now

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


It has begun ....... I finally have gotten off my butt !!!

Monsters is now on my machine

The ditch work is almost done......

Now what?  I originally thought to put pebbles in the white where the words are to compliment the dots in the background fabric of the Monsters.   It's not the work that scares me.....its how will she hang?

When I can't make a decision I do the rest and usually my mind sorts itself out
so a pebbling I go....

My loving husband suggested that I just play in my happy quilting way around the works.
And here it is DONE !!!

and here is the back