Thursday, August 7, 2014

happy days

This post is brought to you by Family Time!

Last month I took some time to visit with family members that were here from several states. So I did take a little me time.
I also worked on my charity quilts, quilts for a good clause and show quilts.
The below quilt is on it's way shipping paid for by my day job, ControlAir Inc to MGySgt. Lee Brinkman retired for the raffle next month at his units reunion.  ALL proceeds are going to the Semper Fi Fund. Pattern is used with permission. This is Waves Of Glory by Southwind Designs.  To purchase raffle tickets contact Lee Brinkman at 479-855-6535 or 479-925-8202.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Behind the scenes

Okay, I really don't piece an awful lot.  But I am really excited about 2.....yes 2 projects I am working on.

1.  I have committed a quilt of my choice to for the 25th Reunion of a Marine unit.  The military veterans are close to my heart and what makes this even better is that all proceeds go to the Semper Fi Fund.

2. I have been diligently working on stitching around my applique for what I would consider a show quilt. 

Both projects must be pieced and quilted by September.
So keep your eyes open for pictures later

I have been quilting, along.
A few weeks ago I had a no good, rotten day.  I was trimming the final threads on a customer quilt after having set in the borders and sashing and clipped the quilt top. :(
My stomach hit bottom and kept falling. .........into the black hole it went.
I called my customer and did what I hate to do.......tell them about this over the phone
I waited for them to arrive and what I did.
I must say I LOVE MY CUSTOMERS !!!!! 
This customer is a regular and Thank God their attitude was " stuff happens"

On to the eye candy