Saturday, August 2, 2014

Behind the scenes

Okay, I really don't piece an awful lot.  But I am really excited about 2.....yes 2 projects I am working on.

1.  I have committed a quilt of my choice to for the 25th Reunion of a Marine unit.  The military veterans are close to my heart and what makes this even better is that all proceeds go to the Semper Fi Fund.

2. I have been diligently working on stitching around my applique for what I would consider a show quilt. 

Both projects must be pieced and quilted by September.
So keep your eyes open for pictures later

I have been quilting, along.
A few weeks ago I had a no good, rotten day.  I was trimming the final threads on a customer quilt after having set in the borders and sashing and clipped the quilt top. :(
My stomach hit bottom and kept falling. .........into the black hole it went.
I called my customer and did what I hate to do.......tell them about this over the phone
I waited for them to arrive and what I did.
I must say I LOVE MY CUSTOMERS !!!!! 
This customer is a regular and Thank God their attitude was " stuff happens"

On to the eye candy