Monday, May 11, 2015


Not alot of quilting going on here in the house.  We finally have spring here !

I had a wonderful education/inspiration time at MQX.

 My favorite teacher this time is Bethanne Graves Nemesh.  I was very impressed with her class. She was in a class room where all the walls where white boards (now I want to paint all the walls in my studio with this stuff), and she drew out all the designs and stepped us through them all.  At first sight I thought, on no! as she was dress very polished and professional; little did I know this was her first teaching experience.  My first thought was that she was one of those people you run into that are stuck on themselves, especially after winning so many ribbons.  But no ! to my delight I was completely WRONG! Bethane is a very inspring and information person, very willing to share her thoughts and ideas.  It was a wonderful class and a delight to hear her tell you to let go of some things and wait to see it you could still see that little wobble later.

My best class about Modern quilting was with Jodi Robinson.  I have seen may of her quilts and books but never thought of her techiques as something I could do. She also was very willing to draw you through all her desgins (and more than once). She had many great ideas and tips that were not part of the quilt supply store, often this make things less expensive. :). With the ideas, instruction and inspiration from Jodi, I now feel that I can do justice to a modern quilt.