Wednesday, June 19, 2013

To every bindng stitch, stitch, stitch

My in-laws have a quilt. I guesss I should be more specific, they have a qult made by me.  In the last year they vocalized a request for another one, as the sun was fading the one they have.  So, being the dutiful daughter-in-law I try to be, I put together a queen size quilt top for thier bed while I was at quilt retreat in February

A few weeks ago, they called asking for colors etc about this quilt as the sun (after this week I am not sure what that looks like) was coming in their windows and waking them up.  They wanted to buy new curtains to match the quilt.  Well, that was enough to get me off my butt and moving.  The quilt got in the que, on the machine, and off the machine in the last week.  Thank god,  my friends have enlightened me to at least put my binding fabric with my tops.  NO frantic searching for fabric to make binding that would match or compliment and finding out you don't have enough.  Many of my tops are several years old.  I like to let them age (lol) and will only quilt them if I do not have any quilts to do for customers.  It not that I don't like my piecing, it's just that I get so many wonderful quilts in the door that what I have done is just not all that inspiring.  I have to admit that I am a member in 3 quilt guilds so I get plenty of inspirations for show and tell, often that is why I go. 

Let's see where were we going here.........ever notice when you are wanting something finished ( and we all want them done sooner to get to the next one) that the last row or in this case edge of binding takes FOREVER.  Done is great !!!
And with that I posted come and get it :)

Here are pictures, nothing fancy, just a garden lattice quilt by nice